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Corporate Wellness
Employees are like muscles...
the stronger & healthier they are, the better they work!
Heart Disease Death Rates, 2000-2004
Adults Ages 35 Years and Older by County
Number of Counties

Average annual

Deaths per

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  • 13.5 million people have coronary artery disease
  • 1.5 million people suffer from a heart attack in a given year
  • 8 million people have adult-onset diabetes
  • 95,000 people are newly diagnosed with colon cancer each year
  • 250,000 people suffer from a hip fracture each year
  • 50 million people have high blood pressure
  • Over 60 million people are over weight
How many of these individuals are on your workforce???

There is no debate about it - sedentary employees can be a risk to themselves and their employer.  The chance of a sedentary employee missing work due to illness is much greater than that of an active person.   An unhealthy employee’s job performance is also usually less efficient and attitudes are often less positive.  Business costs for health insurance, including the increased likelihood of a worker’s compensation claims, are heightened by unhealthy workers. 

Unfortunately, many of the de-conditioned population do not take the initiative to seek out an exercise program, even though the vast majority wishes they were in better condition.  When a company promotes health and fitness in the workplace, it takes a proactive approach to wellness.
Happier, Healthier Employees Make...
A Healthier Bottom Line!
An effectively run corporate fitness program is beneficial to employees and companies of all sizes.  Current research suggests that an effectively run corporate fitness program leads to: 

  • An increase in employee productivity
  • An improvement in decision making time
  • A reduction in mental errors
  • An increase in morale
  • An improvement in efficiency
  • An improvement in concentration
  • An improvement in creativity
  • A reduction in absenteeism
  • A reduction in health care costs
  • A decrease in disability & worker’s compensation costs
  • A reduction in employee turnover. 
Additional benefits include improvement in overall physical and mental health, improvement in self-image, an increase in job performance and satisfaction, and lower levels of stress and burnout. 

Improvement in any one of these areas will have a positive and cumulative impact on your company’s bottom $$$ line.
Take the "Proactive" Approach
At Fitness Together, we believe that the key to a successful Corporate fitness program is partnership.   Working together, we can make the road to a successful program easier and more enjoyable for the Company as well as for the individual employee.
When you succeed, we succeed!
We offer your employees a significant discount on our exercise and nutrition programs which are custom-designed to meet each individual’s needs and goals.

We offer seminars at your location to both educate and motivate your work force as to the many benefits associated with regular exercise and healthy eating. 

We use only time-sensitive, results-oriented exercise protocols since many employees may have limited time at their disposal. 

The Company does not need to buy equipment or provide space for the program.  All the exercise can be done at our facility and is directed by personal trainers. 
What will a
Fitness Together Fitness/Wellness Program do for you & your employees?
Our Corporate Fitness/Wellness Program concentrates on the four basic aspects of personal fitness:  resistance training (strength training), cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility conditioning, and nutrition counseling.  Our innovative approach to personalized exercise affords your employees the opportunity to exercise in a fun, motivating, progress-oriented environment at a cost that is reasonable and affordable.  Our highly trained staff ensures that each employee is provided with a personalized fitness program tailored to meet their specific needs and goals. 

Best of all, your employees will gain an awareness of their current physical condition, the benefits of attaining a more fit lifestyle, and a personalized plan which permits them to achieve ongoing success.
The bottom line...
Fitness Together can improve your employees' health
save your Company money!! 
Does your company have a fitness / wellness program? 
Why not let us help you help your employees discover the many benefits of living fit that will last them a lifetime?
For more information about the Fitness Together Corporate Fitness/Wellness Program including Program Eligibility, Program Administration, and Group Rates, call us at (217) 726-7613 or e-mail us at
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