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Client of the YEAR 2007

    The client of the year is an individual who has given 110% in every area of his/her health: including their FT workouts, nutrition, personal workout time and overall attitude.  The trainers at FT voted to award the FT 2007 Client of the Year to Mark Powell.
    Mark's motivation to initiate a program with us stemmed from months of inactivity due to ACL surgery.  He got to the point where he could not perform everyday activities like tying his shoes.  Refereeing is one of Mark's passions, yet he struggled so much with the activity level required that it became a burden.  He reached a point where he had to make some permanent lifestyle changes.
    What drew Mark to Fitness Together was the one-on-one training and personal coaching.  He needed someone to teach him the fitness lifestyle and how to make lasting changes with his nutrition.  Mark changed his eating habits almost immediately, and made them permanent.  Once he received the menu with his original fitness assessment, Mark just began following the menu.  It's as simple as that!  Mark says that, more than the program, it was the quality of people at FT that attracted him.
    The biggest change Mark has experienced, (other than the obvious 54 lbs he has lost!), is the confidence he has gained--"I feel that I can do anything I want!"  Refereeing is now a breeze and Mark barely breaks a sweat on the court.  Everything in life is more enjoyable. 

Congratulations Mark--keep up the hard work!